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Urban Quest is held in English. The dates may still change.
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June 8, 2017, Helsinki
What is Urban Quest All About?

  • Cities’ changing economy
  • Decision making in municipalities
  • Energy
  • Regulation


  • Dimitri Zenghelis
    Co-Head Climate Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Mika Maliranta
    Research Director, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA
  • Anni Sinnemäki
    Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki
  • Mari Vaattovaara
    Professor of Urban Geography, University of Helsinki
  • Juulia Kauste
    Director, Museum of Finnish Architecture
  • Marco Steinberg
    Founder of Snowcone & Haystack

The following fall program will be shaped by outcomes of the June 8th kickoff event ››
As such the following topics should be seen as indicative and are subject to change.


September 7, 2017, Espoo
Cities as a Key to a Sustainable Future

  • The rise of the city
  • Sustainable city development and “the new urban”
  • Deciding together
  • Balancing social equity with growth


  • Alejandro Gutiérrez
    Director, Integrated City Planning, Arup
  • Lärke Johns
    Organisational Psychologist
  • Marco Steinberg
    Snowcone & Haystack

September 28, 2017, Tikkurila, Vantaa
You Can’t Build a City Overnight

  • How to build new capacities within the framework of an already existing urban structure
  • Rethinking existing city structure
  • The role of technology
  • The role of policy


  • Anthony Elliott
    PhD, University of South Australia

More to be announced soon

DAY 3–4
October 26–27, 2017
Copenhagen & Malmö
Building a Coherent City

  • What is the role of planning in the 21st century?
  • Zoning at a turning point
  • Citizen engagement
  • City safaris


  • Indy Johar
    Architect, London, United Kingdom
    Co-founder of the and a Senior Innovation Associate with the Young Foundation and Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield

    More to be announced soon

November 30, 2017, Helsinki
City Culture and Urban Life

  • Creative uses of urban space
  • New ways of living and working
  • Crowdsourcing and co-creation
  • City brands and global competition
  • The multicultural City


To be announced soon

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